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The Cattery

About the Cattery....

We are a newly purpose built Cattery in a rural setting over looking a well established garden in the picturesque village of Dishforth.

We are a small and family run establishment and are able to give all our guests our very personal attention.
 The Cattery
The Cattery is of the higest quality timber construction with hygienic wipe clean linings to the chalets. The building and design exceeds all current standards and the Cattery is roofed in translucent sheets that enhance its light and airy feel whilst avoiding the dangers of direct sunlight.
All chalets are separated by an air gap as is current best practice to reduce the risk of cross infection. Each chalet is fully insulated and individually heated with its own exclusive run. We provide plastic beds with a blanket and quilt. Accommodation is mainly a double chalet or 2 adjoining chalets can be connected into double chalets for larger families. Accommodation is available both on the level for more infirm cats or penthouse style for the more adventurous.
FAB the Feline Advisory Bureau, now ICC International Cat Care:- Guidelines are 2 cats internal space 16 sq ft + external space 24 sq ft 4 cats internal space 20 sq ft + external space 30 sq ft Cats at Fern Bank provides:- 2 cats internal space 21.6 sq ft external space 26.6 sq ft 4 cats internal space 21.6 sq ft external space 38.6 sq ft (penthouse) (or) 4 cats internal space 43.2 sq ft external space 53.2 sq ft (adjoining linked pens)
All chalets include a chair and shelf for viewing the garden, sleeping or sunbathing. Bedding, litter tray, food and toys are all provided, however, please bring your own if your cat would like familiar items from home. We shall provide food for your cat which is included in the price and we shall accept any food brought with your cat. All cats are welcome including those with special diets which must be provided.  Cats are fed twice daily and kittens and elderly cats can be fed more as necessary. We have storage space for your baskets on the premises during your cat’s stay.